McGuinn sounds fantastic. His vocals, which have always shown a great range and a tonal purity, continue to soar and convey a sincerity that never ceases to be refreshing. Second, he has finely tuned pop instincts, giving us catchy hooks and choruses that linger even after the songs are over.”

Chris Shields - MusicShields Blog

Justin McGuinn

Singer/songwriter Justin McGuinn began making a name for himself in St. Cloud, Minnesota, as a young teenager. Inspired by a family of musicians, he joined forces with his older brothers and fronted the Minnesota band "RoGeR" at the age of 17. The band of brothers quickly grew in popularity and found themselves winning over large audiences throughout the Midwest, New York and Los Angeles. Armed with iconic influences such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Byrds, Justin McGuinn eventually embarked on a solo career. His soaring vocal range and soulful tone combined with intimate and often times inspirational lyrics truly define him as an artist.  By the age of 27, Justin had already shared the stage with 60's pop idol Bobby Vee, rocker  Joan Jett, indie artists Willy Wisely, Martin Zellar, The Honey Dogs and Soul Asylum, and his resume continues to grow. 

In 2016 McGuinn would sign a recording deal with Miami based label Essential Media Group, and would team up with Minnesota based producer/engineer Jason Ploof at Spectrasonic Studios to create his 2017 EP release "Love Songs & Other Strangers".  The EP has already begun to garner attention with the release of his leadoff single, "My Heart Is Where You Are", available now on iTunes, with the EP following, June 9th.

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